Grateful Goodbye

Hello friends! This new year has brought some profound changes in me, I am venturing into some new projects and after some consideration I have decided to stop blogging. Graceful and Grateful has been a wonderful creative outlet for me, and while it has been primarily a personal endeavor it has made me grow in more ways than I could have imagined. All these posts will continue to live here indefinitely and I will probably announce here any news about my future projects as they develop. Thank you for taking the time to visit through the years, and for following our crazy adventures as a family, as well as my humble photographic endeavors. 

These images are from a recent trip I made to New York City on my own, where I spent my days walking around the city, photographing, visiting old familiar places and discovering new ones. During that trip I had some time regroup, to reconsider and redirect my future endeavors. It was so surreal to be in the city by my self; 16 years after I first moved there when I was still a teenager. Needless to say that so much has transpired since then, that I am such a different person now, and that my life has taken so many unexpected turns. But being there coming full circle and being faced by these facts I was able not only to acknowledged them, but to make peace with them. This awareness and this ownership of my own history has not only brought me peace but also purpose and strength. I can only hope to keep sight of all these realizations as I continue on my quest to find my little me-shaped-hole on this earth.

Much Love

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