Natural History

On our most recent visit to Cambridge the boys and I visited our beloved Harvard Museum of Natural History. Having been a recurrent visitor of the AMNH in Manhattan for several years, I remember when we first moved to Cambridge this museum seemed like such a step down, and while it is minuscule in comparison I have to say I have grown found of it. I used to bring Salo here when he was had just learned how to walk, same with Arturo a couple of years after. I have sweet memories of my toddlers running around with excitement, asking questions and being such beautiful unapologetic little creatures. It was so interesting to see how they enjoyed the museum this time around, with the same enthusiasm, but obviously showing a greater degree maturity as they moved around from one exhibit to the next reading the descriptions on their own, and having conversations about them. By the time we reached the minerals, gems and rocks exhibits they where exhausted, but they lingered around and observing my enthusiasm for this section of the museum which is truly my favorite. Isn't it amazing how such works of art naturally occur under the influence of geological forces?

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