Genuine Beauty

A few weeks ago I had the honor of attending a very special event hosted by the ladies of Verity VareĆ© and styled by the ladies of Fika Gatherings. I really wish I had taken more photographs, but the evening got busy very quickly as we gathered under the stars for a movie night and a discussion about comparison and friendship. I was so excited to finally meet the team of women behind this beautiful project, so inspired by their creativity and most of all by their genuine effort to encourage other women. The evening was perfect, I was mesmerized by the tasteful styling, and deeply touched by the heartfelt conversations. I felt so at home, so welcomed, safe and uplifted. It was truly refreshing to forge deep connections if only for a night, and open up about both our weaknesses and strengths.  It was a true reminder of the strength behind vulnerability and the beauty behind truly empowering each other. Thank you!

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