Finally here is a super brief visual summary of our trip to Colombia, it had been nearly five years since we visited my home country! This trip was so intense there is no way I can include all the places we visited, all the friends and family that welcomed us, therefore I am only giving here a small taste of some of what our trip included.

After spending the last month there I feel very grateful to have such strong bonds with my people, no matter how long and how much has happened in our lives we still connect in deep and meaningful ways. Being in touch with my friends and my family has helped me reconcile the very young me with this current me. This trip has left me with a smile in my face, it has lighted a fire in me. I am in love with Colombia, and I know that because I love my country regardless of its chaos and contradictions. After traveling the world and coming home I feel like I have come full circle, the things that warm my heart and soul are the same in deserts of the Sahara as in the mountains of los Andes... heartfelt conversations, genuine human connection, and inspiring optimism.

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