To Friendship

For my birthday this year I celebrated with some very special ladies at Cave Ridge vineyard, it was my very first time doing wine tasting and I also glad we did this. I can't remember when was the last time I just went out with a group of ladies to celebrate my birthday, every mother should do this... what treat! After so many years of moving and wondering around I am really craving a sense of community... you know, people you connect with, friends that you can count on, to make each other's lives better. I have always been blessed with amazing friendships everywhere I have lived, but I long so badly to have friendships like those without having to say goodbye after a couple of years. And although I haven't been here for that long I can already taste what a life with long term friends around you feels like, and I think my kids are too. I am so grateful for the people in our lives who actively make our lives better day to day, that has been the greatest gift this year!
PS: I had an sudden inspiration to redo my little office, and I had to share a few shots ;)

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