Farm Life

As it is to be expected the farm-life makes everyone stay very busy during the Spring season. The boys have been working regularly with the grandparents outside, while Gabo keeps getting into some kind of mischief or another.  Recently more than ever my days seem unusually occupied with insane amounts of chores, endless meals to prepare, and of course all sorts of mothering duties. In the mean time I am finding it very difficult to carve some time for my own creative projects. Lately it feels like all I can take are baby steps, I sure hope they are at least in the right direction! On the bright side it is clear the boys are growing some roots, nurturing some deep relationships, and getting a once in a life time experience learning about the life in farm and enjoying its benefits.

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  1. Hi Arena! Gorgeous images as always! Where is this farm?
    Love Eva (Rowan & Liam)


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