May Flowers

May is always a busy and blooming month for us, seriously spring has sprung and so have we. For mother's day I remembered to follow our tradition of doing a casual mini photoshoot with my kids as my gift for mother's day. On the other hand my eldest flower Salomon has turned turned 9 years old, and is getting away to tall! There has been an ongoing distribution of snuggles around here, some brotherly love, a couple of photoshoots, school recitals, school-book portraits, and even some drawing. I am so happy to be doing this again, it has been over a decade since I took the time to draw. Lately I have been experimenting drawing portraits from actual photographs instead of live models, which comes quite handy when it comes to drawing little ones. More recently, (as you can see above) I took it one step further and turned one of my drawings into an illustration. In honor of mother's day/ month I did this illustration of my childhood friend Vale who is a big time breastfeeding and baby wearing advocate. Happy mother's day/month!

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