Recently Gabo and I made a short trip to visit my friend Tin in Nashville hence the modeling shoots throughout the city you see above. Also my 8 year old helped me with a mini photoshoot (and I think the gene runs in the family), Here are a couple of our favorites. For Easter this year we did our first egg decorating ever! I know we got started kind of late in the game, but growing up in Colombia I didn't really grow up with this tradition. Anyhow after trying it out we are totally sold and we love it, it is so much fun. And the best part is that now my kids are into eating boiled eggs! 


Nurturing Spring

We are smoothly moving from snowy, foggy into warmer and sunnier days around here. The men of the farm have started planting different kinds of berries, and Goldy the white goat had 2 babies. Since we moved here, the boys have been spending lots of quality time with their grandpa. Watching them interact I am reminded of the importance of having extended family around when growing up. Grandparents bring wisdom and perseverance into the picture, a sense of belonging and continuity. I am so looking forward to experiencing spring here in the country side.