For the last 5 months I have been taking baby steps in putting together our little nest, while the place still needs a ton of work my vision is finally taking shape. I spent the last month putting together a color palette, and painting the whole place. I am always amazed at the transformative power of paint, that alone can give a whole space a complete different feeling. And while it has been crazy painting the place with 3 kids, it has been so worth it in the end.

This past month has really brought back memories from the days when I dreamed of becoming an interior designer. Interior design was the thing that first brought me to the world of blogs and blogging, back in 2010 I began my first blog which focused primarily on such topics. While I abandoned that blog after 6 months, I never did stopped playing the role of interior designer every time we moved to a new apartment.

I am very sensitive to my surroundings, which makes me easily aware of how they affect me. When something is not harmonious to my eye, my senses, or my way of functioning it starts interfering with my ability to relax and enjoy my time at home. I usually go above and beyond to make our living spaces functional, pleasing to the senses, comfortable and safe for my family. I really think that our living spaces deeply affect our moods, our ability to focus, to relax, and function. How could they not? A happier home helps to nurture a happier family. Even though my life went on a different direction, interior design will always play a major role in my life.

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