In Fog and Snow

It is hard to believe we have been here for 4 months already, we are almost midway through February and winter is almost over. Speaking of winter and context, my boys often discuss which are their favorite season of the year and why, whenever they ask is mine I basically communicate anything but winter. Now that we are living in the country side I am beginning to see a whole new side of winter. Since I moved to the states I have pretty much spent most snowy winters in big cities, and although there is something romantic about the city right after the first snow, in my opinion it soon turns into a big dirty mess. Out here walking through the woods after a big snow fall is not only enchanting, but the aftermath is mesmerizing as well. There is so much beauty in the way that nature welcomes, and incorporates snow throughout the whole winter season. Now when my kids ask which is my favorite season I say, "ask me again a year from now." 

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