Less Hustle more Love

I think I have been battling some winter’s blues, lately I have been feeling very drained and under the weather. After doing some soul digging I have come to the conclusion that I have been holding my self to unrealistic expectations. The truth is I can do a couple of things very well but not all. The days are not long enough, I don’t have unlimited energy or resources, and my goals are too many. I can’t be a perfect mother, a perfect home-keeper, a perfect cook, a perfect teacher, a perfect photographer/blogger etc… No one can, it is hard enough to excel at one of these. It seems obvious right? But we are constantly fueled with these ideas of what it means to be successful. We are somehow led to believe that in order to lead a fulfilling life we must excel in all the main areas of our lives. But what I have come to realize is that when I try to perform perfectly in all of them I fail not only to do my best in each of them, but more importantly I fail to be able to truly enjoy them. 

These days I am working on sorting out my priorities, and redefining my version of what it means for me to be successful. It is not an easy and straightforward process, but is well worth it and it is already making a difference. One thing that has been helpful is to remind my self that giving my self fully in the present is a way of achieving success. When I feel the urge to rush through my daily tasks (only to rush through the next and so on) I suppress the anxiety by reminding my self that this moment right now can be meaningful, beautiful, and successful if I give my self fully to it. If life is made out of these moments and we are constantly rushing through them then we are not living life fully. There is no success in trying to do too much too quickly, quite the opposite what we will inevitably face is failure in one form or another. So I am starting to settle for less to gain more... less hustle, less anxiety and unfulfilled expectations. To gain more love, depth, meaning and ultimately yes more success. What have you found helpful in leading a meaningful and successful live? I would love to hear any tips and ideas you make have.

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