Now that we are more settled in our new life out here in the country side, the boys and I ventured to the woods to do some gathering. Growing up in Colombia I went to a school that was in the outskirts of the city, so I had the privilege of spending most of my days surrounded by nature away from the smoke and chaos of my big native city. I have been wanting to inculcate in my kids the immense value of knowing nature, of loving and being surrounded by nature. Naturally, being boys they already take pleasure on breathing the fresh air, and running around freely. My hope is that little by little they will learn how to take care of it, how to cultivate it, and eventually appreciate it with an insightful knowledge of its true value. Apropos to the fast approaching Christmas season, we gathered some greens to make a wreath from holly leaves and winter berries. This was my first attempt at making one of these, and let me just say that next time I will bring some gardening gloves... ouch!


  1. Just popped over from BYW forum. Amazing photos of your beautiful boys!

  2. Hija que belleza, quiero estar allá ayudando a esos niños

  3. This is just lovely! Nice work .... and what handsome little fellows! (I'm popping over from the Blogging Your Way e-course...)


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