Moving Forward

During our last day in Morocco we ventured around Rabat visiting most of our favorite spots one last time. Now that we have come to end of this chapter I have been thinking a lot about how much we have all grown and changed during this past year. It has been a very intense experience, we obviously did a lot of traveling, we lived many lives, and met new versions of ourselves.

The boys have now a very unique view of the world, about cultures, languages, religions, people and places. My 8 year old has taken such an interest in geography that he now has memorized almost all countries and capitals in the world (waaay more than I know!). They both talk about religions, languages, history, places they have been, people they have met. This kind of grasp of the world at such young age would make any parent proud and I am!

But I also long to give them a different kind of wisdom, a different take on life, one that focuses on the simple but most essential aspects. I want them to be able to find beauty, excitement, wonder and knowledge in their "regular" daily lives. I do believe those things exist everywhere, we don't need to travel the world the find them, they are in everything we do. Going forward I want my kids to understand that it is not about where or what is about how, that it is also not about quantity but quality.

I say goodbye to this chapter with gratitude and I am excited about this next stage in our lives, until soon!

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