Oued Laou

Last weekend we had a visitor and we ventured to Oued Laou, a small town located in northern Morocco on the Mediterranean coast. We only had enough time to go to the beach, but this time we rented a little pedaling boat with a slide on top.  It really was very fun, and it was something we could all do as a family while staying away form the busy beach. Salo was brave enough to swim far from shore without his swimming floaties, and Arturo was brave to swim far from shore with them! Gabo had blast with Daddy and screamed every time we tried to take him out of the water.


Evenings in the Terrace

Lately we have been spending lost of time up at the terrace. It s a great way to enjoy the fresh air, see the beautiful sunsets, and a great view of the medina.  Before sunset we all gather treats from the kitchen such as olives, cheese and ham, and we march up the 4 sets of staircases that lead to the upper terrace of this very old riad. We will really miss this evenings as a family here in Morocco.


Staying Put

The last couple of weeks we have been staying put at home, which is a great relieve considering how much moving around we do have been doing. Gabo is starting to make progress with his "walk training" as they boys like to call it. He also has been waving good bye, clapping, and pretends to read books like his brothers! That boy really is the light of the house, everybody gets over a bad mood when he gives a smile, our a hug. The boys say he is a gift from God for each everyone one of us, and that he came to teach us how to love. ❤️❤️❤️



This past weekend we went to Ceuta (a piece of Spain inside of Morocco), and we took a ferry to Spain, and then walked over to Gibraltar, a piece of England inside of Spain! These territories of other nations inside of other nations are fascination, there is something so unique and interesting about them. In Gibraltar we took the cable car up to Calpe also known as "El Peñón de Gibraltar" which is a giant rock formation and a natural reserve that serves as home to hundreds of macaques. We walked on the trails along the rock formations and enjoyed the amazing views while surrounded macaques roaming freely!