In Retrospect

The last couple of weeks have been a bit hard. Mostly I have been feeling worn out after 6 months of traveling with 3 children! Don't get me wrong I am grateful for all the amazing things we have done, but it would be a lie to deny how hard it is at times. The crazier thing though, is that in retrospect our lives have been a tremendous roller-coaster for quite a while now. But if there is one particular thing that has helped me keep my sanity, and keep track of what we have done as a family, that is of course my photography.  Recently I consolidated and cataloged all my images, which has enable me to have quick access to long forgotten pictures. Going through these photographs seeing how our children have grown, and all the things we have done has strengthen my belief on the great importance of family photographs. From time to time my kids ask if they can take a look at my blog's archives, they love scrolling through the hundreds of pictures I have taken of our lives together. It helps them keep track of our adventures yes, but it also reinforces their memories, our family's bond, as well as it helps define who they are. I know that some day we will look back in time and remember these years as the best in our lives.

In light of all this I have decided to start a new series in my blog. These series are unconventional in the sense that they will not be going forward in time, instead I will be posting going back in time! Yes, I will continue the usual chronological posting of our lives as they develop, but simultaneously I will be posting at the other end of my blogroll. So my blog will be growing on both directions, but going backwards the post titles will always include "In retrospect:..." I am so excited about these new series, they mean a lot to me and my family, and I really hope other people join us in this retrospective journey. Today I am launching off my Retrospective series with 2 posts, I am picking up right from before I began this blog (Dec 2013). The posts are: In Retrospect: Visit to the Bay Area, and In Retrospect: Christmas in NYC. Until soon!

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