Boys in Morocco

We have just a few days before uncle Eddie leaves, the boys have grown found of having him around. It is hard to believe I met uncle Eddie when he was 4 years old! Now he is all grown up homeschooling and babysitting my own children. At times I love hearing them play and having a blast, other times lets just say I wonder how I ended up in a house in Morocco with 5 males! But of course I love them all and I am grateful to have them in live.


Chefchaouen Part 2

As promised, here is the second batch of pictures from our trip to Chefchaouen. On our second day we took a little hike to the mountain right above town, so easy to access to from the old medina with almost instant views of the beautiful blue old town. What a photogenic place, I am dreaming of doing a photo-shoot here some day.


Chefchaouen Part 1

Last weekend we took a trip to Chefchaouen a city in northwest Morocco to celebrate both Gabo's 1st birthday and my 32nd birthday. I had been wanting to go there for quite a while so I didn't hesitate when David asked where I wanted to go for our birthdays. The medina features houses, doors, alleys and streets all painted in the typical shades lovely blue  We stayed at Lina Riad hotel which was a perfect choice for our family celebration. The 3 boys had a blast swimming at the hotel's pool, then  in the evening we went to the terrace and enjoyed a lovely meal overviewing the city. Overall it was a great visit and this is a must see place in northern Morocco. More pictures from this trip coming soon.


Kabila Beach

Last weekend we spent some quality at Kabila beach. I had heard that beaches in this part of Morocco are supposed to be amazing, and this one did not disappoint. It was great, they offer a variety of water-sports so all the boys went canoe rowing which has long been a family tradition. We all had chance to do something fun, relax and be together.