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For the last week I have been taking a workshop with my friends at Blogging Your Way, they are such an amazing and inspiring crew of teachers and students. They offer different kinds of workshops for bloggers, this time around is about Instagram. I have been feeling so inspired, my creative juices are flowing and my head is full of ideas. I never knew there was so much to learn about Instagram! I am training my self to compose in square layout which is hard to do as photographer, but I am getting the hang of it.  My reasons for Instagraming are different from blogging, but also very much related. One of the main drives for me is the idea of finding beauty in the mundane things we do every day. Instagraming is making me more aware of the beauty in the small and big aspects of my day to day life. Everyday instances like playing with Gabo after his bath, putting him down for a nap, watching him sleep, there is immense beauty in all these wonderful details. As moms, we get so wrap-up in the many things we have to get done every day and it is hard to stop to appreciate the little things. They are there waiting to be seen, it is about changing the perspective and mind set. Granted we can't do this with all the things we do during the day, but why not do it once or twice a day? This habit keeps my mind and heart open to daily moments beauty, by photographing these moments I am capturing them for our family's sake, and by instagraming them I am sharing and hopefully spreading the love and joys of motherhood. 

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