DIY Mother's Day Cards

Now that we are finally staying put for a while I have been spending time at home catching up on several projects I have been neglecting. But like they say, "There is time for work, and there is time for love." As you know Mother's Day is approaching and I wanted to express some gratitude to my mothers by putting together something special for them, thus the Mother's day cards you see above. Additionally I want to spread some love around by sharing how I made them and hopefully inspiring others to do something special for their dear moms too. I don't know why but when it comes to giving cards of any kind I always prefer to make them myself (especially when I have the time and necessary goodies). This time the means at my disposal are these photographs I took of my 2 mothers (my mom and my mother in-law), digital clipart graphics (awesome new discovery), PS brushes, photoshop, and my computer. I have included all the links to the sources of this awesome digital goodies below, please note that these goodies are free for personal use only (contact the designer if you would like a commercial license). You can use the clip art graphics with standard editing programs such as pages on Macs, but the PS brushes you can only use them in Photoshop as far as I know. This is my first attempt ever at doing a kind of tutorial so please bear with me while I get the hang of it. ;)
This was the easiest card to put together by far, got to love those graphic wreaths! For this card I used a photograph of my mom from last year's shoot see more here. I dragged the graphic golden wreath found here. Using the transform tool I rotated it, adjusted the size and placement, then added a little Bevel and embossing to that layer. Finally I added the font which I found here.
This one was a bit more complicated mainly because I had to mask and realign selections of the watercolor florals. But the monochrome floral brushes are a breeze to to use. I used a photograph of my mother and I from last year maternity shoot you can read more about it here. First I arranged my masked selections of the mixed watercolor flowers found here. Then I added a new layer and stamped it using the Floral monochrome photoshop brush set found here.The font can be found here.

This was the hardest because I had to create the floral arrangement stem by stem to align with the wreath. I used a photograph of my mother in-law I took 2 years ago to see more from this shoot go hereI dragged the graphic wreath found here. Using the transform tool I adjusted the size and placement, then I changed the color using the blending options. Next I decorated around with this vintage flower clips art found here. To do so I dragged the flower stems that matched my color palette and built the little flower arrangement you see in the second image above. Placed all the clip flowers in a group folder and duplicated it several times to transform and move them in the right places and directions. The font can be found here

Here is an alternative for those of you who don't have photographs with a solid background. You can create a mask layer to create a window opening that shows only a selection of the photograph, then follow the same steps as the cards above.The font can be found here.  Graphic wreath found here. These watercolor flowers clip art found here

Lastly for those of you who are feeling a bit less adventurous follow this link to find these beautiful (and several more) watercolor floral graphic cards which you can download for free. Just print them in stock card, fold them, write something nice and you are set to go. They also offer matching printable patterned paper sheets to warp flowers in nice cones. Well presented flowers and a beautiful card are a pretty sweet treat any one would be happy to receive. 
Let me know if any of you decide to give it a try at creating your own versions for mother's day cards and how it turned out. Have a good weekend!

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