Brief Visit to Fes

During Tin's visit we some how manage to make a brief trip to Fes. We stayed at this amazing 3 floor Riad with a pool in the central garden, and amazing wall carving and tiles. The visit was brief and we took very few photos, walked a lot, ate some moroccan food, and did some shopping. Fes is huge, we definitely need to make a more in depth visit some day.


Tin's vist to Rabat

This weekend we had our second visitor in Rabat, my fiend Tin made it all the way to Africa to spend some quality time for a couple of days. It was an intense weekend, but one overdue since last time we saw her in Miami. We took her to Udaya and discovered some new paths along the way. 


My mother's day gift

I have been meaning to share these images we took on mother's day. There is so much to reflect upon and to be thankful for in this day. As a mother's day gift I asked my love ones to help me produce a cassual mini photoshoot in which I am also included in the pictures. I have blogged before about the importance of exsiting in photographs, and I feel very strongly about it. Not only is hard for me to gather all my men for a family shoot, but to have me in the pictures is almost always impossible. As such, I think I am going to stick with this tradition as long as I can. That will be my mother's treat from now on, I want pictures of my love ones and I together to treasure and remember for years to come. Seeing these images makes me feel so grateful for the blessings I have received, for these men in my life without whom I simply would not be the mother let alone the woman I am today.


10 months

Hard to believe but this little munching just turned 10 months old yesterday! This kid is growing way too quick for my liking, he wants to be big like his brothers and he wants it NOW. He speed crawls everywhere, thinks baby toys are boring, and he is always up to some mischief or another. Very busy days around here! As much as I can I try to enjoy the last baby-like features still left in him.


Kasbah of the Udayas

For Mimi's last outing we decided to venture a little deeper into the streets of Udaya. The 12th-century kasbah is a beautiful district of white/blue walled houses, and narrow streets that rest above the bay where the Bou Regreg River opens into the Atlantic Ocean. We were told the traditional blue on the walls is meant to repel insects, for some reason mosquitos can't stand the blue! I wonder if is due to a particular ingredient in their paint type. Regardless of the reason I am glad they have continued this tradition consistently through the area, it makes this place even more special. We walked around its streets dazzled by the gorgeous houses, doors and amazing details. I could certainly spend hours here photographing away, I plan to be back with more time and perhaps less wiggly models ;)