Ever since I met David back in 2002 he has been singing the praises of Sevilla and dreaming of someday sharing this place with me and our children. At last we have come here to Sevilla, and I have to say I am quite impressed. There is something about this place that feels a bit like home to me. The things that feel familiar though are not things that you would usually find in the big city where I grew up, but rather where I spent my vacations at my grandparents' home. The smell of “Dama de Noche” in the evenings, the trees filled with fresh fruit, the grandparents, parents and grandchildren eating together at 10pm at the corner cafes, the fresh air, and beautiful architecture. I do wish some day to have a place with all these things for my grandchildren.  Since David had several meetings during the day the boys and I ventured through the city, visiting museums, eating tapas and ice cream and of course taking photographs!

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