Nesting Creature

Graceful and Grateful photographer's blog Riad in Morocco
 We have been in Rabat for a week now. We are staying at this beautiful restored Riad which is perfect for our family, larger than any other place we have ever lived in as a family. Life here feels right; this is how families ought to live. As someone who has a deep appreciation for living spaces, their functionality and aesthetics, our living arrangements have always been a big deal to me. I usually go above and beyond to make our living spaces functional, pleasing to the senses, comfortable and safe for my children. For a week I have been fully enjoying the privilege of being here with my children, my husband, and my mother-in-law who is visiting us (thank God!). But today all of the sudden I am filled with sadness and feel incomplete. This setup reminds me of the life I want (particularly after the last 3 months of non-stop traveling!). All I can think about is my dream home, a home of our own, one I can arrange, decorate, maybe even renovate to my heart’s content. One in which my children can build childhood memories, one in which I can one day watch my grandchildren grow up. I want this so badly, I long to have a home of my own with every bone in my body! And in that home I want to create the best version of our lives, and be the best version of my self. I am sad because my children are growing and my dream doesn’t seem any closer. Part of me thinks I should let go and focus only on all the wonderful blessings I do have, but part of me tells me not to lose focus of this dream. Life is short after all and I am reminded of that every time I realize how rapidly my children are growing. Since I reached my thirties I have been feeling this urgency to live life fully and actively work to fulfill my dreams. Having my own nest to me seems like the first step in that direction. I am a nesting creature… always have been.


Good Bye Spain

After a crazy month of non-stop traveling through Spain (preceded by 2 months in Mauritania), we are ready for the next step in our family adventure.... Morocco! I am so looking forward to this part of our trip.  In the past 3 months we have visited 4 countries and at least 25 cities or towns within them. Add to that the fact that we traveled with 3 children, one of them a baby, and all the luggage that comes with them!  I can't wait to settle down in a house and take it easy for a while and really who wouldn't?
I would also like to mention that today Graceful and Grateful has reached its 100th post.  I can't believe I have published that many.  Hopefully after some rest I will have the stamina to publish hundreds more! 



One of the highlights for me of visiting Spain was hanging out with childhood friends. Here in Madrid we spent some time with my friends Adri and Manu. We reminisced about the old days in Colombia, and brought each other up to date with while we entertained the little monkeys at the awesome Madrid Rio playground!



We spent one night right at the heart of the old city in Toledo.  While our visit was short we got a taste of its beautiful architecture, delicious food ,and its very impressive cathedral. Add one more to the long list of places where we plan to come back and spend more time. 



Ever since I met David back in 2002 he has been singing the praises of Sevilla and dreaming of someday sharing this place with me and our children. At last we have come here to Sevilla, and I have to say I am quite impressed. There is something about this place that feels a bit like home to me. The things that feel familiar though are not things that you would usually find in the big city where I grew up, but rather where I spent my vacations at my grandparents' home. The smell of “Dama de Noche” in the evenings, the trees filled with fresh fruit, the grandparents, parents and grandchildren eating together at 10pm at the corner cafes, the fresh air, and beautiful architecture. I do wish some day to have a place with all these things for my grandchildren.  Since David had several meetings during the day the boys and I ventured through the city, visiting museums, eating tapas and ice cream and of course taking photographs!