Au revoir Mauritanie

An so we have come to end of our journey here in Mauritania, it really has been a life changing experience… one that has made us all grow up. While I continue to crave a life of stability and dream of someday settling down in our own house somewhere; I am also grateful to my husband for dragging us to and submerging us in new realities, for constantly pushing the limits of our comfort zones, and ultimately taking us to meet new versions of ourselves. As far as Mauritanians go I am left with awe at the way people adapt to their environment, how they find beauty, elegance and such dignity in their lives in spite (or perhaps because of) their limited resources and commodities. Furthermore, I love seeing how how even though people use elements wrought by globalization, they don’t necessarily let these elements and tendencies define them. Yes they do transform their cultures, but they don’t replace them. You will see some bedouin men herding their goats or camels in the middle of nowhere while talking on their cell phones. When passing by remote little villages I asked Sidi if some of these people ever traveled to the capital, and how much contact they had had with modernity. While Sidi admitted some of these locals were well aware of the world out there, he also stated that even if they knew that world they were not interested in going anywhere else and were more than happy to live and die where they were born. This is definitely a country we hope to come back to some day.


  1. Your photos are incredible! The family looks amazing! I really like the picture of David and the baby.

    1. Thank you Jonathan! Yes that picture is one of my all time favorites.


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