Out with the fam

Now that Lili and Coco are here we have taken some interesting day trips around Miami, this time we took a boat around the star islands. We certainly saw some cool mansions,a beautiful sunset, the city lights of the Miami skyline. But the highlight of the trip was spotting some dolphins that followed us and jumped next to us for a while (we love dolphins around here).


Coco is here!

David has left for Africa to set everything up for our arrival, and we were alone for a few days. But then my dad came and saved us! Obviously my boys love their grandpa, he is the most playful grandpa ever. Gabriel is also pretty excited to see abuelito Coco again!


Christmas in the keys

Some dear friends of ours live in the keys (which are these islands south of Miami), and they invited us to spend Christmas with them. We had come to visit when Gabriel was like 7 days old and the boys had a blast. There really is something special about this place, not to mention the weather is quite pleasant during this time of the year. We will surely remember this time for the wonderful company, delicious food, beautiful surroundings and an unique kind of Christmas time (with no snow and by the beach!).


Evening at the beach

Now that David is in town we have gotten into the habit coming to the beach at least every other day. Salo loves the water, he enjoys playing soccer and running by the beach. Arturo likes it too, but he prefers when we come earlier in the day and it is sunny (he gets cold more easily like). In the evenings he prefers taking it easy being close to mommy and Gabriel. Did I mention Arturo is my new photographer? if you spot any pictures of me around here is quite likely because he took them.


Sunset date at the beach

The other day David took the boys to their taekwondo class, and I was able to have a little sunset date with Gabo at the beach. It was one of those magical evenings, when the lighting is perfect, the breeze is fresh, and the sound of the sea comforting. Perfect date with a perfect little companion.


In the hood

This pictures are from this weekend’s little day trip we took around the hood with my mother. She will be leaving soon to India for a vacation, and we will be leaving States shortly before she comes back so we won’t see her for several months until she visit us in Africa. Yes, you read that right we are moving to Africa in January. David got a scholarship to do some research and finish his dissertation, and the scholarship covers the whole family. It was a hard decision for me since I was hoping to stay put for a while, but is an amazing opportunity for David and for all of us.


Happy holydays

Happy holidays guys! Yes this year I came bright and early with the holidays cards! Even Though I did use one of the images form the family photoshoot we did a few weeks ago, I opted to use a selection from several pictures I took this year. I can’t take complete credit for the design though since it was partly inspired by a design a saw in minted. I hope you have a wonderful time this season.


Mr Chubby

Gabriel really is starting fill up, people keep asking me if I give him formula (formula babies tend to be bigger), but he is only breastfed from his free range mommy! I breastfed all of my children and I am proud of it, but I am grateful that my husband and my family have supported me to do so. Because while long term breastfeeding is a very intimate interaction between mother and baby, it is also the kind of thing that requires long term commitment, understanding and support from various members of the family.


Downtown Miami

Yesterday my mother and I ventured out with the children to downtown Miami, we took the fun airtrain, visited the waterfront park, had some ice cream and Arturo and I got ride on the Carousel!


Art Basel

So we are back in Miami we have been doing some serious unpacking and laundry at home since we got back from our road trip. As it is accustomed the Art Basel is taking place in Miami right now, so my mom and I decided to take the boys to see Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures (made out of PVC) that can move on their own using wind power. We really had a wonderful time, this is the kids of thing that I know will make me miss Miami when we move (more on that latter).