Road trip part three

In my husband’s side of the family there is a tradition of playing tenis as a family. This time after the grownups’ match the kiddos got their turn to train (you have to keep the tradition going you know). We also got to visit the gigantic Angel Tree which is a live oak tree aged approximately 1,500 years. It stands in a wooded area along Bohicket Road of John's Island outside Charleston a place worth visiting if you are in town. The second set of pictures are from our visit to San Agustin FL known as the nation’s oldest city, I have to say this part of the trip was a pleasant surprise. Such a beautiful and interesting city I wish some day I could live in a place like that!


Road trip part two

We spent thanksgivings in Charleston SC with some family, another chance for the boys to spend some quality time with another set of cousins. We spend the next afternoon at the beach and I had the chance to take some awesome photographs with my niece she took this last photograph of Salo running with their dog (the girl has an eyei!). More pictures and places coming up.


The Mccains

Road trip part one

We took a family road trip and visited some relatives, overall we had a great trip and the boys definitely had a blast with their cousins. These are some pictures from our visit to New Orlean and Lafayette. More cities and pictures coming up.


4 months

This little guy over here is turning 4 months now. Yesterday I took out my big camera and decided to do a mini shoot with him. These are couple of my favorite pics. We will be doing a family road trip with the boys so I am off todo some laundyr and serious packing!


Miami outing

My mother and I are really developing a whole routine for going to the beach, we make sure to pack the new favorite which is prosciutto and mozzarella panini with pesto, some drink and fruits and off we go. We pick up the boys from school have a picnic, let the boys run in the playground and then the beach is a perfect plan. It requires a ton of work and the right mind set, but is good for all of us.


Existing in Photographs

As a photographer I spent so much time taking, selecting, and editing others people’s portraits (not to mention the photographs I take of my children) that it is very common for me to not have any photos of myself (seriously only my mom takes pictures of me, thanks mom!). I want my children to be able to look at photographs and remember me how I am now. I believe photographs can have great impact in our lives, they can reinforce our sense of family, nurture our relationships, remind us of our history and experiences. As someone who believes in the power of photographs it is my duty to ensure I too exist in photographs! For my children, my love ones and my self.