Before my trip

During the last few days I have been spending time with the boys and preparing them for my upcoming trip to the north east. They will be staying with my mom and I will be traveling with the baby, it will be the first Halloween we are not together so I am a little uneasy about it. I know my mom will make it special for them I just don’t like to miss any.


Covering some basics

Last week it was all about focusing on the basics, taking the boys to the pool, doing some science experiments, and cooking my now “famous” chicken roast with some help from the boys. I have to take better pictures and share the recipe at some point. Perhaps when the baby is older I will be able to get more serious with the recipe project on my blog.


When the boys go to school

Gabriel is 3 months now and it shows, he is stepping into that irresistible cute stage babies go through (you know when they are chubby, smiley, do sweet noises, and move around a little). So when the boys go to school I take care of my never ending editing and chores I move on to my treat for the day which is to spend quality time with this little guy and of course photograph him!



The other morning Gabriel woke up very feathery with tiny down coming out of my duvet. He was all smiles and snuggles, Arturo of course didn’t waste any time and joined in, I think those two are going to be best friends. Things are busy around here the boys get ton of homework from their new school and I am preparing for another photoshoot. Live is good, and busy.


At the beach

Lately we have doing some afternoon trips to the beach with my mom and the boys, I can’t deny it is a lot of work, but it really is worth the effort. And is a nice thing to do with the boys after coming back from a long day of school. We have been bringing Gabriel little bouncy chair which is a huge help at this stage when he doesn’t see by himself yet.


Cutie pie

Gabriel has really started to grow into his face, you can now see more of his unique features and I think os quite the handsome guy.  Last week we went to visit a friend here in Miami and for dessert she served us avocado lime pie! It was so delicious I was determined to make my own version. The boys and I worked together to make it and I am proud to say it came out delicious! The crust is made out of dates and pecans. I will share the recipe latter. ;)