Brotherly love

When my second child Arturo was born, I was hoping Salo and him would have an instant brotherly connection. Buy my oldest Salomon was only 2 years old and the truth is it took a little longer for them to really become friends. This time around with a 5 year gap difference between my second and my third I was so intrigued to see the new dynamics. And I have to stay I have been so pleasantly surprised, for my boys have been amazing with their little brother. I think they love him more than anything in this world, just the way I feel about them all!


Time for fun

Visitors have left and we are yet again adjusting to being on our own .I am preparing for work since I will be having my first photoshoot since the baby was born in a few days. Even Though the boys are growing  quickly they still preserve some of their old playing habits Arturo for instance still loves playing dress up with his favorite costumes. There is tons of playfulness and bouncing around here… I better get this boys outside more often before they break something!




Ever since I was little I dreamed of having a sister, one to share long conversation at odd hours, one to talk about the transcendental things in life. Even Though I am an only child life has given me amazing best friends in different stages of my life. Tin has been my closest friend since college, and even though since we graduated our paths have gone in very different directions our friendship is still strong not inspite of our differences but mostly because of them. The boys and her have love not different than aunts do with their nephews. I feel very grateful to have a friend like her. Here are a few snapshots from her last visit.


Grandparents to the rescue

As I mention before my father was here visiting, it was so nice having both of my parents and my kids under the same roof. It is a scenario that unfortunately doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I feel so complete. It is a like chemical balance happening when the people closest to you in blood are all together working for love.


Beach and Sunsets

One of the many perks of living here is that we can go to the beach in a heart beat. I was never so fond of spending time at the beach with little babies, but this time around I am getting the hang of it... it must be the experience I have accumulated I don’t know! Another perk is watching amazing Miami sunsets from my mother’s balcony. Feeling spoiled right now.



Lately Gabriel is back in his old habit of sleeping everywhere nearly all the time! The good thing though is he still a good sleeper at night which is a blessing considering I have to get the boys up early and on time for school! My dad in visiting us which is so nice for all of us, the boys are thrilled I will share some more pics later.