From my brothers

Over the years I have saved a few things from when when my boys were babies, it is so nice to see them on Gabriel now. I don’t think I could ever get rid of this sentimental jewels, seeing how tiny their clothes were when they were little, compared to how grown and strong they are now is a unique feeling of nostalgia and accomplishment.


mr. frowny face

The boys are settling in their new school and my mother and I have been having so quieter days around here. Gabriel is certainly, growing and spending a little more time awake. Lately he has been practising the art of frowning as you can see. It fun to see new family resemblances as they grow

Baby Fever



This week Daddy has been doing some bonding time with Gabriel, when I see him interact with him I am remind it of how important it is for kids to feel the masculine presence of their father. They way he holds them, and interacts with them is so different than mine, I think our ways complement each other. One of my oldest friend just got back from India and came to spend a few days with us, she spent a little time doing yoga with the boys… I have been wanting to do this more consistently with them but haven't taken the time to do it yet (I must hurry or else they will be too old to even want to do it with me!).


Settlin in

The last week has been all about settling in, adapting to our new life with the baby, in this new city and home. Tomorrow the boys start in a new school too so we certainly dealing with plenty of new changes. I am trying to take it one day at a time and remain focused on the blessings around us which are always there.


My Boys

Time is flying Gabriel is nearly a month, and I thought it was time to capture some special moments between my boys. It has been a while since Salomon and Arturo are so willing to step in front of the camera and be my models, they are soo cute together!


Bonding time

This week my mom and I helped the boys give the baby his first bath. They really are enjoying their time with the baby, they love him so much it warms my heart to see it. There is so much sweetness and tenderness going on around here. This time as my mother was drying Gabriel and I was photographing I caught him smiling, first smile caught on camera while awake!