This weekend my mother took the boys to the everglades, here as some pictures she took with her cellphone. She said of all children there Salo was the most eager to answer all the questions and pet the animals, so proud of my little trooper. Arturito loves animals especially crocodiles but apparently was a bit more cautions about getting close to them, which I can totally relate to! ;)



Thanks to my husband, mother, and now my mother in law, I have been enjoying some peaceful time alone with Gabriel (which is so crucial in this first weeks). We nap, we feed, we snuggle, I photograph, repeat!  It is safe to say this baby will be the most photographed of all my babies, I can’t help it!


Baby Egg

Ever since my first baby was born I have been wanting to do “first week newborn” portraits (you know like when they are super tiny and sleep very deep in womb like positions), but for some reason or another we never made it quite so early. This time however I knew better than to waste a perfect opportunity like this one. A peaceful sleeping baby, quiet home, beautiful window light, and a mommy photographer!



As you can imagine we are all pretty dazzled around here, not just from the  lack of sleep, but mostly from staring at such a beautiful creature that is Gabriel. He such a sweet, pure, and beautiful little guy.. what else can a new mother say when faced with so much grace. Feeling so very grateful right now.


THE DAY... what a day!

My husband got in the night before, and by the morning I started having contraction. Being this my third time around I knew we were fine in terms of time. So I got everyone showered and dressed up, and order everyone to the living room for a long overdue family photoshoot. I also hadn’t had chance to do a shoot of my big belly, so obviously it was now or never! Between my regular but spaced out contractions we did the shoot and had a regular breakfast at home. I knew it has still early to go to the birth center, but that day I had a prenatal appointment at 11am. So we decided to make it there on time for the appointment anyway. When we got there we were told that I was only 4 cms and they usually don’t take in patients until they are about 6? I can’t remember! Anyways they advised us to go back home and come back around 4 or 5pm! We looked at each other and I don’t know why we decided to go along with this idea. So we went back home, by this time it was lunch time so David took the boys out to get some lunch. My mother and I stayed home, had some lunch, I laid down a little bit... and before we knew it my contractions were coming every 3 minutes! We called David to hurry back home with the car and the kids. When I got in the car my contractions were coming every 2 minutes! David was driving, my mom and the boys were in the back seat, and I was seating in the front. The birth Center was only 20 minutes away, but the baby was born in the car (in front of the birthing center) at around 2pm! Obviously this was by far the craziest birth experience I’ve had, but we are grateful the baby is safe and sound and soo very, very cute! The next day was my birthday and there is no better present in the world than waking up to this lovely angel, my angel Gabriel.


Day trip to Wyndwood

Now that we are done nesting we have finally taken the time to explore more of Miami with the boys and my mother. We took a long walk around Wynwood (which is a bit of challenge when you are this much pregnant), and had lunch at really nice tapas restaurant. The boys really liked the little excursion and are excited about being here.


Nesting in Miami

Finally the place is looking ready. My mother and I have been working non stop to put together a somewhat temporary living space, comfortable enough to receive a new baby and have a functional life with the boys. As usual is not totally finished, which is why I haven’t taken the extra time to do some serious photographs, but considering I am about to pop a baby I am not sure I will get the chance to share the space if I don’t do it now. Here some pictures my mother took with her cellphone.


Hello Miami!

So we are finally here after a long trip with many, many bags, 2 kids and a huge belly but we made it. Thanks God my mother is strong because it has been quite challenging getting here and settling. So far the boys like Miami they are eager to go out and explore, we are doing tons of unpacking and assembling new furniture. We want to make sure we are all set before the arrival of the baby which by the size of this belly could be any minute!