Road trip to the convent

So we have left Cambridge and before heading south we are spending some time visiting my sister in law in her convent. The boy love her so much and had a blast during their visit. They got to do some forging, milking the cows with the nuns, catching some random animals. And of course playing soccer with their aunt! Feeling blessed.


Good bye Cambridge

So we are pretty much done packing, we have sold basically all our furniture :( I know it is for the best but is hard not to dwell for all the wonderful pieces that I hunted over the years. My new mantra, “It is just stuff, what is important is that we are together” the second part, “this opens the possibility of new chances to redesign and furnish another apartment” ;)


Graduations and Birthdays

This has been a crazy month around here, lots of playdates, school field trips, birthday parties, graduations, and of course we are doing serious packing for our upcoming move. We are pretty busy and quite overwhelmed not to mention this baby keeps getting bigger by the day!