Picnic date

Yesterday was my oldest Salomon’s birthday we did cupcakes in his school then an ice cream date for Daddy, Salo and I. Arturito who is turning 5 soon has been having a bit of a hard time lately, with so many changes coming up (the move, the baby, new school, new home and so on) I figure it would be wise to have a special date with him as well. So we ventured to Harvard Campus for a picnic  and ice cream date just the two of us. We are sharing lots of snuggles lately am making sure he enjoys the privileges of  being the baby of the house until his baby brother is born.


Mother's day

Mother day was a beautiful day, we had a wonderful time with my mom who is visiting. We got invited to a music performance at my son’s school. Artro was sooo cute singing and dancing I think he has got the artistic vein from my side of the family ;) Feeling so grateful for the love that surrounds me on this day. Happy mothers day!


Long walk

Perfect weather is finally here! Lately we have been spending our days out of the apartment, trying to meet old friends, visit favorite playgrounds, favorite restaurants, breathing in every bit of what we love and will miss about our life in Cambridge. This really is great place to raise children!


Out for a stroll

I think perfect weather is just around the corner, I love this time of the year in Cambridge is like the rebirth of the city after the long and dreadful winter (for me anyway). Lately we are going on long strolls with the boys, yes they are quite old for strollers now, but we still love to take out our awesome double bike trailer/stroller. This one is so cool because it converts from a bike trailer into one of the best stroller I have ever tried (and believe me when I said I have tried many). Anyways now that we are getting ready for our move and we know we have to part with it we are trying to get as much juice as we can out if it!