David's Spanakopita

Every now and then my dear husband gets in chef mode and storms up an awesome recipe, and yes my kitchen looks like we just had a tornado. But you know nothing awesome comes at no price so I happily accept the consequences, but not before enjoying his out the blue versions of random “world food.” This time he did not disappoint. I will try to get the recipe from here and share. I live you with a picture of my proud children and their crazy puzzle. Have a good weekend!


Spring is Here

Spring is here and so is my baby bump! The air is still crisp, but  the blossoms are blooming and so is my little Gabriel. The boys are so excited about the upcoming arrival of their new brother… they are counting the weeks! This week we decided to do a photoshoot at home, got some costumes out and had some quality time. The boys really enjoyed playing their roles of  photographers, models, assistants, stylists, art directors… I think in a few years I will have a serious crew to help me during my shoots!