Trip to Baja 2 part two

I has been crazy since we have been back from our trip, between unpacking, doing laundry, making meals, kissing cheeks, and cleaning up I have had little time to finish selecting more images from our trip. The weather has been chilly here in Cambridge, so we are spending lots of time at home settling back into routines. Looking back on our trip I think overall the experience was amazing. Yes we had some rough times dealing with all that driving, but we can say it was worth the effort. We escaped some of the dreadful New England winter and ate some amazing tacos! Here is the second and last batch hope you like.


New Year

First of all happy New Years to everyone! This year I have decided I am gonna give this blogging thing another try. I have been producing so much photographic content in the last couple of years, and I am figuring out different ways to categorize it, share it, develop and hopefully make interesting connections in the process. I also spend countless hours researching all things related to home design, motherhood, cooking and this could be a good place for me share my ideas, experiences and versions of things I do. I leave you with some pictures I took from our last trip to Baja.