In Retrospect: The Language of Love

Background: We had just arrived to NYC after spending one year living in Israel and traveling through other countries in the middle east with the boys.

Memories: I will always hold dear to my heart this day, one of our last visits to see Grandma before she passed away. Both kids had been counting the days to visit Grandma, and while they were happy to see her the connection wasn't instantaneous. I remember when I was gathering them to take these portraits Salo was happy playing and floating around, but Arturo just sat there with his cute little grumpy face. Then Grandma took over the best way she knew how, with her sweet subtle ways, she gave caress here, a little poke there, a simile, a warm hugh. Then, David came over and embraced them, Arturo observed and felt the love around him and joined them. I will always miss that about Grandma, her ability to make people feel better and at ease in a very natural and real way. These portraits of her sitting her living room wearing her shibori t-shirt, surrounded by family, and being her gentle and modest self; are a true treasure to our little family.

*This post of part of my retrospective series, to learn about them please click here.

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  1. Just beautiful. I'm so happy to see Elisabeth again in these pictures. You've captured her grace entirely.


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