In Retrospect: Visit to the Bay Area

Background: After spending Christmas in NYC we took a flight to San Francisco and spent some time with family, visited with a few friends before we headed to our baja road trip. 

Memories: This visit was very special for me first because it had been several years since I was able to visit. But also because I have a soft spot with the bay area given that it was the first place I lived in when I moved to the US (back in 2000). Those years were so important, I was just fresh out of high school and moved to the US to learn English. It was so nice to visit and reconnect with the people that played important roles in my life back then, it made me realize how much I have grown and reflect on the direction my life has taken.  Hope to be back some day and take more pictures this time!

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In Retrospect: Christmas in NYC

Background: We left Cambridge visited aunt Gwyneth at the the convent in CT then drove to NYC to spend Christmas with family. 

Memories: Just looking at these pictures brings back some many feelings from that visit, feelings of gratitude and heartache.  Some months before we had planned this visit as part of our road trip to Baja. The plan was to spend Christmas with Grandma in New York. Unfortunately Grandma passed away a few days before Christmas. None the less we held a family gathering in her apartment, there was a Christmas tree, family cooking, amazing food, thoughtful gifts, memories, and conversation... all things grandma-like. We all thought about her, her legacy, how much we will miss her and how much she will be with us always.

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In Retrospect: Abuelo's Way

Background: We had just moved back to Cambridge after living in Jerusalem for 1 year. My Dad came to visit and help me get started with my photography home studio.

Memories: This was a great visit, this time my Dad managed to stay longer than usual. We worked really hard to build and paint these backgrounds and decided to test them by doing a photo-shoot with the boys. I remember the boys did not want to model that day, but my Dad (who is an actor) has a talent for making kids relax and enjoy themselves through play and laugh. They had a blast, and I got some awesome bloopers and some great casual shoots. Perhaps we should make a family tradition and do a shoot with Grandpa every time my Dad comes to visit us.

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IN RETROSPECT: A Place to Belong

Background: We had just moved back to the states after living in Jerusalem for a year.

Memories: The boys hadn't seen their cousins for over a year, so we arranged to meet part of D's family up at the lake-house in MA. There was lots of ice cream, grilling, swimming and and all summer fun related activities, it was a great way to reconnect for sure. As someone who grew up with out siblings cousins meant the world to me. These chances to spent quality time with extended family are essential to my boys, it really helps reinforce their sense of belonging considering all the traveling they have had to do in their short lives. 

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In Retrospect: The Language of Love

Background: We had just arrived to NYC after spending one year living in Israel and traveling through other countries in the middle east with the boys.

Memories: I will always hold dear to my heart this day, one of our last visits to see Grandma before she passed away. Both kids had been counting the days to visit Grandma, and while they were happy to see her the connection wasn't instantaneous. I remember when I was gathering them to take these portraits Salo was happy playing and floating around, but Arturo just sat there with his cute little grumpy face. Then Grandma took over the best way she knew how, with her sweet subtle ways, she gave caress here, a little poke there, a simile, a warm hugh. Then, David came over and embraced them, Arturo observed and felt the love around him and joined them. I will always miss that about Grandma, her ability to make people feel better and at ease in a very natural and real way. These portraits of her sitting her living room wearing her shibori t-shirt, surrounded by family, and being her gentle and modest self; are a true treasure to our little family.

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